Being a Spirit Uncaged

I believe that we are born with innate goodness and wisdom that guides us how to be in this world

Just like the Eagle knows how to be an Eagle
The Wolf knows how to be a Wolf
The Bear knows how to be a Bear


The Human knows how to be a Human
The Woman knows how to be a Woman
The Man knows how to be a Man

Almost from the beginning we are conditioned
to ignore our intuition
to distrust our inner wisdom
to deform our instincts

In the quest to find guidance and meaning
we look to this teacher or that teacher
read this book or that book
chase after this experience or that experience

Seeking to find what has been with us all along

Being a Spirit Uncaged
is learning to hear
to trust
to live according to that

inner wisdom

In the past, I went on a quest to find that which was not lost
Maybe you have been on that same quest
I invite you to step off that path
and step into knowing yourself, hearing yourself, trusting yourself

Find freedom in what you have to offer to yourself

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