Cynthia Lee


Reclaiming and Proclaiming Myself

I am Cynthia Lee

I am unapologetically a spirit uncaged, a fierce crone-woman on a quest to abide in rhythm with my Spirit wisdom. I am the love of one, the mother of nine, the mi-mi of two. I  live wild and free near my beloved tree forest.

Celebrating a convergence of paradox, I curate and weave words, asking the deep questions. As an intuitive artist, I allow my inner wisdom to guide me through the creative and healing process of becoming a whole-hearted spirit creature.

I wrap my arms around the dark and twisty places, digging deeper still into the mysterious twilight. It is a softer light that I seek, one that gently reveals what was hidden. With my multi-faceted vision, I sees the bars, the cages. Pounding the ground with a dance of truth, I summon the moonlight and raise my howl, unlocking cages with the reverberation.

Ultimately, all of my work is about calling forth women to reclaim their wild spirits and proclaim themselves with an individual yet collective howl because the world is waiting for the wild woman wisdom to return. Listen … you may well hear my howl outside your window.



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