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State of Being 

It was quite startling to realize just how much I drifted from my true self, from my intentions and dreams. Returning home feels wonderful. Peaceful, content, purposeful. Healing. I think that is the word I most closely relate to right now. I feel like I am on a path of healing, of being healthy in ways I have never been before, of being ok.



Reading aloud The Series of Unfortunate Events

unfortunate series

“Right, good temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”
Lemony Snicket, The Reptile Room


Like Real People Do by Hozier



What If 

simple a delightful movie. Loved it from the beginning to the end.


Good Things

    • finding out there is always room for breathing room
    • welcoming arms of those who believe in my work
    • creating sacred space at homeschool co-op complete with coloring and candles
    • physical therapy … so difficult but so good
    • bringing my art supplies back home
    • clarity, clarity, clarity 
    • discovering new yummy foods
    • my washing machine that plays pleasant music at the end of a cycle
    • owning the complexity of who I am with such certainty

Round and About

My art supplies have been away and packed up for awhile. I have learned how little I need to create. Here are some ideas for a basic travel kit:
On the Go art kit

I love mind-mapping. 

how about these art journal tangents?

10 female revolutionaries

Name your longing

love these ideas for creating sacred space

bookish shoes for literary feet

All these clothes

My post at Secret Rebel Club last month:
Be Your Muchness


Listen, Let Me Whisper in your Ear

discovered on the lovely Deborah Weber’s site. So good I have to share it everywhere I can.


I’d love for you to join me in reflecting on your week.
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There are no rules. Just sharing together.

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Timeline_Cover_doNotRename58             Timeline_Cover_doNotRename58

Creative Manifesto for Living

Make the first mark.
Just do it.

Write the first word.
Begin at the beginning.

Ask questions.
Listen for answers.

Be courageous enough to be wrong.
Apologize when you are wrong.

There are no mistakes only opportunities.
Live the opportunities.

Trust your intuition.
It is sacred wisdom.

Practice daily.
Take a day off.

Learn something new.

Take a nap.

and breathe again.

Laugh out loud.
Weep well for once and again.

Speak your truth.
Better yet, live your truth.

Hug tightly.
Kiss long and often.

Believe the best.
Release the rest.

then love some more.

This began as an exercise in writing a creative manifesto as I am dipping in and out of Flora Bowley’s  Bloom True Boot Camp. As I am one being, living one life, immersed in the wonder of it all, it transformed into a manifesto for life. The words are here. I think later I will use them to make a little creative art. ( #bloomtruebootcamp )

The Scatterered Life Collective

I had hoped to return to posting the Scattered Life Collective today. However I am having a new issue with my wordpress site and it is still not allowing me to see a visual as I go along creating the post. I am not interested in writing all of my posts in the text box, clicking on preview to see if it looks right, return, rinse and repeat, over and over. Neither am I interested in hours wasted trying to figure out what the glitch is.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

September is a month of change. Today’s glitch is just confirming to me what I have been wanting to do and it is going to take me back to some basics, return me to the center of myself and what creates good energy for myself so that I can be alive and present in my life. I have more to write about that later.

If you follow me here, keep your eyes open. I will be changing blogging platforms some time in the next week.

until then, if you want to write a post sharing your week, just leave a comment with the link.

Secret Rebel Club – Practicing Kintsugi

I am leaking


Conversation with Self (including inconsistent use of pronouns referring to self. apologies in advance):

Exhaustion chased me this week. It taunted me with a list of dropped balls, of showing up messy and unprepared, of not so managed chaos. It pinned me in a corner and convinced me that nothing I do is worthwhile, making a difference, or of any importance at all. Oh, the extremes that are thrown when the body, mind, and soul are drowning in fatigue.

Exhaustion is a temporary state. No ultimate or final decisions should ever be made in a sleep deprived, pain muddled state of mind. A little rest, a hot shower, a good cup of coffee and breakfast and all things look new and different. Hope shines again.

Under the light of hope, examination is essential. Take a look around. Ask the difficult questions. What really needs your attention? What is really important? What and who deserve your time and energy? Because it’s precious, you know … your time and energy.


I am blogging at Secret Rebel Club today. Read the rest there.

Practicing Kintsugi

returning new

after a long absence

recertification is necessary

I feel rusty and tight

how do I come back to this space

after being gone for a month

that  was supposed to bring rest and respite

but instead  brought brokenness

to such a degree

that what I have been blessed to know

is shattered into pieces

never to be whole again

at least not in that way

new creations are possible

fragments are the material

of beautiful  mosaics

I am the one to bring

that creation to life

loss alters the very structure of identity

but new entities are born again